Dr.Divya Negi Ghai

Founder and President

Author of the book ‘Stop Fooling Yourself-Improve Your Life Everyday’. She is a Ph.D. in Finance and has over a decade’s experience in teaching across schools and colleges. Her experience gave her a unique exposure to youth of all ages. Being a mother to three young boys gives her the much needed parent’s viewpoint on all the youth issues. She is the ideological strength of the organization.

Mona Verma

She is an award winning author of 5 works of fiction, A Bridge to Nowhere, God is a River, The White Shadow , The Clown of Whitefields & other stories and The Other. Her 6th book is due for release in May 2018. She had edited various science journals, self -help books, biographies and is a regular feature writer for online newspapers. She had edited various science journals, self -help books, biographies and is a regular feature writer for online newspapers. She is on board of various Universities as an advisory expert and is much sought as visiting faculty for Creative writing, Haiku and Limericks.

Dr.Bhawna Khosla Sindwani

She is a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from Mumbai University and certified in Human Resource Development from IIT Roorkee. She has more than 13 years’ experience and is currently the Head of the Department of MBA in Mahadevi Institute of Technology. She is the human resource expert of the organization.


He has a professional experience of over 35 years with BHEL with areas of specialization in Marketing, Project Management, Selling & General Management. Ex-General Manager, BHEL (E&CC, Spares and Renovation and Modernization / Projects and Development) –2012- 2015. He has been the Secretary, BHEL Education Management Board (EMB) – 2007 -2011 he has administered 7 BHEL managed schools wherein many innovative ideas were pioneered.


She is Masters in English and Economics and is a Bachelor's in Education. She is a holistic healer and a strong propagator of alternative medicine. Cooks, paints, writes Urdu poetry and loves being creative with interiors and aesthetics. Has been a teacher and also contested Master Chef.


She is a post graduate in Psychology, M. Phil. in Guidance and Counseling, with specialization in diagnosis, assessment and programming of all developmental delays and learning disabilities in children, adolescents and college students. A holistic spiritual healer, Reiki, DNA, psychic surgery, pranic healing, aura reading, meditation, past life regression and tarot card reading. She has worked with various schools and colleges and is presently heading a developmental clinic and center of Sai Karuna Mission (Dr.Uday Shah) at Dehradun.


Counselling Psychologist (M.Sc. Counselling Psychology, Christ University)

She has been into the field of self growth and learning of psychology from past 7 years. She has worked with all sets of population (youth, adults, geriatric) with an intention to aid all beings grow holistically. She has also worked in Lady Harding Medical College, Delhi in psychiatry department to equip the knowledge of psychiatric illness. She has worked as an academic counselor, to help find youth and adults with mid life crises get in touch with the passion that their heart craves for. She has also worked as a school and student psychologist in repute schools of Bangalore and Delhi, aiding students, parents and teachers attain person and professional excellence through one to one Counseling, workshops and seminars.


She has done Bachelors in Business Administration with specialisation in Media and Mass Communication from HNB Garhwal University in 2004.
She has good communication and Inter personal skills. She has worked with companies like Creations- placement cell for BPO's, Mancer Consulting Services, HCL Technologies, Quattro and Midland Calibrated in various  departments.
She has 14 years of extensive experience in communication, sales and marketing.
She is a creative thinker, ambitious and result oriented person. She is an entrepreneur, has started up a creative business four years back in Dehradun by the name Mughal Shawls.


She has done B.A.English (Hons.) and is a trained teacher. She specializes in role play, dramatics and interactive activities as a learning tool.