“Youth Rocks is a youth focused platform to ensure that every youngster gets a fair chance to explore his potential and live a fuller life.”
Our Mission
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Our mission is to improve quality of life and outcomes for youngsters and ensure that every youngster is able to fulfill their absolute potential irrespective of his/her background or circumstances.
Our Vision
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Our vision is that every youngster is able to realize his/her full potential and is able to fulfill his/her personal and professional dreams.
Every youngster deserves ample opportunities and supportive environment and needs thorough guidance in the process of self discovery, which is sadly lacking more often than not.
Youth Rocks focuses on providing holistic support to youngsters battling with multiple dangerous distractions of a modern life.
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The need for this NGO arises in the simple fact that every young person needs someone to guide her/him. Youth are not very comfortable in sharing their problems especially with family or someone close. But in a youth driven environment where they can openly discuss their concerns and seek guidance.
Dear all,
Each one of us is a witness to the dynamic and challenging cultural and economic environment at present. We can see its impact on people around us especially youth. We get disturbed by the things we see around us. We observe the problems and want to make some changes too. But for this, first we need to understand the problem completely.Through our student life, we are taught Mathematics, Languages, Science, Geography etc. but nobody teaches us about life and self management.
We are taught how to talk to elders, teachers and juniors but nobody teaches us how to talk to ourselves and how to manage the continuous chatter of our mind. We end up stressed, depressed, afraid, lacking confidence and don’t know how to handle failure and rejection, which is inevitable in life.
We study and get trained so that we earn well later but nobody teaches us how to think about money, how to make it a means instead of an obstacle and how to efficiently manage our money on a monthly basis. As a result we end up in the vicious cycle of debts and EMIs.
We use apps, gadgets and techniques to do things faster but nobody teaches us how to manage ourselves effectively so that 24 hours will be enough for us to manage our work life balance. This results in unhappy and dissatisfied individuals.
We all witness young people struggling to survive in this competitive world without knowing and understanding their true selves. In this age of growing individualism, happiness and success of any individual cannot become a reality unless they truly know who they are and what do they want from life.
This requires a holistic approach, where we need to look at their physical, mental and emotional well-being and help them manage themselves without much outside help in the long run. We need healthy, happy individuals to build a healthy and happy nation. We are committed to this mission at YRYWS. We all need to come together to make this dream a reality. Join us in the movement.
Youth Rocks!!
Dr.Divya Negi Ghai