Our programs

Open house sessions
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These are Theme Centered Interactive Sessions which are undertaken at our Youth Centre  very week. They are free for all sessions. The aim is to provide a free platform to share problems without being judged and find practical solutions. Anybody can attend these and bring along friends, parents or teachers.

Campus seminars
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These are theme based seminars conducted in schools, colleges and offices. They can be customized as per the need of the organization. The aim is to  make the participants realize that almost everything is in their control. These have to be proposed by the management of the organization.

Expert sessions
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These are monthly high profile Open House Sessions conducted by an industry expert. Only registered members of the Youth Rocks will be invited to attend the same. The aim is to provide an opportunity to the participants to have an informal interaction with an individual with first hand industry experience.

Individual mentors
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In-house mentors of the Youth Rocks and external experts with rich industry experience will be mentors for selected enthusiastic registered members of the Youth Rocks. This will pave way for professional grooming of the young members and will provide various internship opportunities under influential professionals.

Capsule programs
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These are short term programs tailor made for individuals with a definite objective in mind. The aim is to solve some personality issue effectively. Only registered members of the Non Profit Organization will be able to avail these.

Parenting seminars
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These are seminars for parents to help them deal with the challenges of nurturing the millennials. The aim is to bring the concerned parents together and form a supportive community and share their experiences while solving their individual problems.

Our Projects

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